Websites Blocking

By default our phones will stop over 3.9 Million websites. We update this list every week, and currently we are adding to the database of over 15,000 websites per week.

These websites include:

You can also add your own websites to block on top of our standard list.

Content filtering

Over 1,000 keywords from profanity, to your own keywords you can add and personalisation for each phone looking on texts and WhatsApp content. More Social media Apps being added very soon.

Image Filtering

Each image that is received to the phone via WhatsApp or MMS, we detect for partial nudity and Pornography. If received, we delete the image and notify the parent. More Social media Apps being added very soon.


By default all Apps are blocked, you have to allow them, or our new feature of saying YES or NO on the text when the child goes to install them.

Adding more personalisation, login to the ControlPanel to see what the PX1 is doing right now and what extra items you want to control.



Our ControlPanel will work on all mobile devices/laptops/Computers. It is designed to work for you as much or as little as you require.

Only £5* a month (that's less then 20p a day!)

This gives you peace of mind that your child has all this extra added layer of security on their first phone.

Russ Whitlock (Founder)
A Dad with 4 Boys – Trying to help children with their first phone.

*We can’t guarantee that we will stop cyber bullying or access to sites they should not see, but we have made our phone(s) on the basis that we have tried to protect them as best as we can from the technology that is available today.